Top 9 Scientific Hacks For A Teen To Crack Competitive Exams

How to crack a competitive exam

Students are very well aware of the fact that the level of competition among them is going higher and higher each day. Every student's weather it is of science, commerce or arts go for an competition exams as they know after benefits of it. But the problem is can we have the potential to crack it? How we can crack the competitive exam? Certainly these questions arouse in our mind if we are preparing for an entrance exam. In our schools we have always taught what to study and when to study but they never told us How to study? Keeping in mind we are resolving your problem here by giving you some scientific ways which are effective to enhance your learning skills.

Students you can handfull use these skills in memorizing, note taking, textbook reading. Go through the article and try to implement the tips and tricks if you are preparing to crack the competitive exam. You can use the hacks for various entrance exams like IIT-JEE (Main & Advanced), BITSAT, AIIMS, COMED-K and also some government competitive exams like SSC CHSL, SSC Stenographer, RRB, Indian Army etc.  

1. Study in short sessions are more better than long ones

Competitive exams no doubt have lengthy syllabus and needs lot of time to cover it. But scientific studies says that if you study in short span of time then it is more effective than long ones. So students you have to be well prepared for each topic. Psychologists in their research found that students can give better output by managing a proper strategy. Proper planning can cut around 30% of your time. Students who are going to fight for the competitive exams can have a break of 5-10 minutes after having a 1 hour study.  

2 . Do not slouch while feeling sleepy

When you are feeling sleepy and in that phase you are trying to study is a total waste of time. In the afternoon time we become slothful as after having lunch our body need rest. In that case a 15-20 nap will be very effective. Some students like to study in the morning time as there is no one who disturb them and they can study with full concentration. But after waking up we need to wake up properly so for that cleaning your desk, sorting out your notes will be helpful to pass the sleepy phase.

3. Go for smart work, avoid hard work

In the competitive exams our mind alertness matters a lot. As there is lots of topics have to be covered it doesn't matter how much you are spending in reading the book, instead of this count the time you are study fully focused. Count the time you are giving to the a topic while you are in full concentration.

To be fully focused you need to adopt some strategy so that you can focus on your topic only. Like,

>> Avoid the things which distract you. Several noise like tv, running errands you have to get rid from it. Noise in the house is very common and you cannot control it. What you can do is, change your study time. Wake up early in the morning when everyone else is busy in sleeping.

>> In the morning you are fully alert so try to cover the boring topics or difficult ones and leave the easy topics for the time when you feel lazy.

4. Don't read similar subjects one after another

Students while making your schedule you must keep some things in mind and this is one of those. Don't schedule similar subjects as you're going for the different subjects is better than clubbing on the same type. Like if you are studying mathematics and after that you are reading or solving physics theorem than it is not suppose to be a good plan. Make a sandwich like in the middle of maths and physics you can read English or hindi.

5. Make proper stress management strategy

As competitive exams are not easy to crack it needs your full dedication and determination. In some cases, students came into stress as they have to cover a lengthy course in a short period so students must have a proper stress management strategy. Go for a rejuvenation time, relax yourself by games, music, watch a film so that your mind get relax and you feel fresh again to study.

6. Planning your schedule

Students before going to study you must have some plans. Make a list of the important topics and keep aside the things which are less worthy. Make a everyday schedule and work according to it so that your can take out time to revise the course at least once before going for a competitive exam. You can score good marks with proper planning.

7. Do Early Study

Students there is no need to study 14-15 hours of a day to crack a competitive exams. Rather than this make a proper schedule in which you can study as well as get a proper sleep. Eight hours sleep is must as it refreshes your mind and help you to remember lots of things. Morning is the best time to study as no one is there to disturb you. Your mind will work effectively which makes you top learn more easily. Read the hard topics at this time.

8. Manage time schedule for revision

As in a competitive exam you already have so much stuff in your mind it becomes necessary to revise the things to recall all the important things that you have read for the exam. This is very important activity which must be perform at least twice by a student.

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